Thank you Europe + Videos!


It was such an honour to get to play through out Europe over the last 3 weeks. I had such a good time I’m already planning my return for next year (If you have any suggestions for festivals / venues, please let me know!)
Among many highlights, I was lucky to be able to play at the Melodica Festival in Cologne, and even luckier I was able to see and play with a wonderful duo from The Netherlands called The First Wolf.
Since we’re talking about luck, the good folks at Love Music were there to catch it all. So check it out! The first video is a new unrecorded song called “The Impossible” and features Melle on guitar. After that we get Suze onstage for a cover of Neil Young’s “Out On The Weekend”. The two videos that follow are solo recordings of “I Blame The Loyalist Ghost” & “Autumn In New Brunswick”! I hope you enjoy them, let me know what you think!

A return to Iceland & Germany!

In a few weeks I’ll be back in two of my favourite countries to play, Iceland & Germany! Below you can find the dates and FB pages, please let your German & Icelandic friends know! (PS, how amazing is this poster of the Iceland shows by Lóaboratoríum?!)

Shawn William Clarke.jpg

My fav albums & Songs of 2018 (with playlists!)

Another year, another list! (people still like lists right?!)
Here were my favourite albums of the year, plus two playlists! My favourite albums and favourite songs. Give them a listen, follow, whatever! Happy New Year folks!

TOP 10

1. Little kid - might as well with my soul
2. Jeremy Dutcher - Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa
3. Adrianne Lenker - Abysskiss
4. Kamasi Washington - heaven and earth
5. Noname - room 25
6. Hayley Heynderickx - I need to start a garden
7. Snorri Hallgrimsson - Orbit
8. Dana Sipos - Trick Of The Light
9. Shad - a short story about war
10. Free cake for every creature - the bluest star

The Next 5

11. The internet - hive mind
12. Doug paisley - Starter Home
13. Corey Gulkin - All The Things I’ll Forget
14. Foxwarren
15. JFDR - White Sun Live Part 1: String

My Favourite Songs Playlist!

Happy International Women's Day!

Hello friends!  I'd like to quickly thank a few of the collaborators who made "TOPAZ" with me. I can't tell you how much better this album is because of their contributions. (Please visit their websites, to check out all the amazing art they're creating!)

Thanks to our three guest vocalists Abigail Lapell, Olenka Krakus & Anna Horvath who were brilliant, each adding their own special voice to the songs.

Thanks to Alexis Marsh whose woodwind performances and arrangements were essential, and to Christine Bougie whose guitar solo in "You're Lonely, Too" was tasteful and perfect.

Thanks to the visual artists Laura Proctor who captured an appropriate moment of calmness for the album photo, and Jessica Rae Gordon (my longest running collaborator, working on all my albums since the very beginning), whose artwork perfectly captured the themes and ideas found in the music.

I tried my best to sustain a gender equality on the production of this album, and while I think it was successful, I know I can and will do better on making an inclusive team for future SWC projects.

Happy International Woman's Day! #IWD2018