New song: "So long L. Cohen"

Leonard Cohen has passed away.  I spend the first hour after hearing the news listening to his music.  Songs that have influenced me so much over the last few decades.  Then I picked up my guitar and this song flowed out.  One of the quickest songs I've ever written.  I hope you enjoy it, I have placed the lyrics under this video if you'd like to read along. Please let me know what you think in the comments

Softly a la Belle province
tremulous refrains
tomes underneath each arm
Lorca and King James

From last lament of Joan of Arc
to quiet servitude
From the wars against disorder
To suggest or allude

that it's not long Marianne, I shall see you soon

The highways are empty now
in New York and Berlin
yearning sound from synagogues
beckon from within

Suzy yells “it's closing time.
The wait staff are all vexed.
I wish you could sing one more song.
Of love, or faith or sex.

But it's not too long, Marianne. We shall see you soon”

I hope you passed near a forest
somewhere near your pen
I hope you passed in loving arms
with letters from your friends

I swore I heard them singing
all the way from Clinton Street
I know they'll lock the Chelsea now
Drop the keys at your feet

It's not long Marianne, I shall see you soon