Song Stories: Love Death and Other Ailments

I don't play this song all that much, mostly because it's performed on a baritone ukulele, and I don't really cart one around to gigs (although it was written on guitar). This tune was heavily influenced by Leon Redbone, and the intro was added very late in the game, giving it more of an old timey feel, as if sung by Eddie Cantor or something (quickly describing an experience I had in India, driving an auto rickshaw down the west coast). The line "Will I come back as a sea shell?" is one of my favourites, and one I spend a lot of time on. In the end I sent 4 different possible "re-incarnations" to artist Jessica Rae Gordon, and she helped me settle on the my final life destination! (it could have been "Snow Fox" or something).

Enjoy this video I made using only an i-Phone and a Bombardier Aerospace Q4000, courtesy of Porter Airlines (probably).