Toronto tonight!

Hey there, tonight's the night!  My final gig in Toronto for the year 2010!  

Featuring one of my favorite acts, Polyester Heart.  If you've never seen them before you're in for a treat.  It features front man Dave Marcotte and drummer Marshal Bureau.  Dave plays guitar (usually in an open tuning) and sings with a Hayden-esque growl.  He also plays a set of foot pedals, covering the bass and mood.

If you haven't picked up a copy of "Like Birds Too Tired to Fly", I'll have them for sale, including pre-wrapped ones ready for the holidays!  Pick one up for the music lover in your family!  I also have a couple t-shirts left, all artwork designed by the lovely Jessica Rae Gordon

That's about it!  See you tonight (Tranzac, 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto), come say hi!  Oh, if you're in London Ontario, I'll be playing Saturday night at the Black Shire Pub!