i (heart) music review! AND a nomination I knew nothing about!

Hey there folks!  This is my day: I was asked to be interviewed for a possible BlogTO article.  The questions where sent to me by email, so in between questions,  I watched the 1971 film "A King in Marvin Gardens", worked out,  and surfed the ol' internet.  One great thing I found on my search, was this review written today on i(heart)music.net!

Read the Review here!

That was a really nice surprise, but even nicer was seeing this line "On the one hand, when he was nominated for last year's Hottest Bands in Canada last year, the accompanying ballot...."  and I got to thinking, I was nominated for hottest Band in Canada?  Sure enough, with a little sleuthing (clicking the link above), I found it.  So thanks to whoever nominated me in November!  It's a wonderful honor, and I wish I had noticed it earlier!

Anyways, I'll keep you updated on that BlogTO article, and I'll also update you on  a few upcoming gigs!  So long!