Roots Music Canada: Woodshed Session

A couple days ago, I got the opportunity to interview and perform for Roots Music Canada.  They are really one of the best websites around for Canadian Roots and Folk music and information.  I brought along my friend and guitarist Mark Hart, and performed 3 songs. 2 new songs "A Song of Peace, A Protest Song","Zombies, Clash Cars and Kinks", and mild internet sensation (!) "To Think I Once Was Lost".  After the performance I sat down with David Newland, and discussed Indie Folk music, beards, and art.  My eyes also lit up when he mentioned interviewing Leon Redbone.  Anyways, here's the preview clip of me performing "A Song of Peace, A Protest Song", click on the moose image below to see the full interview and  performance!

Click the moose for full interview and performance!  CLICK IT!