North By North East!! (new shows!)

Hey there, well that time of year is quickly approaching.  Soon I'll be sprinting from venue to venue, trying to see some of my favorite acts, and maybe discover something new.  It's NXNE time!  This year I've been lucky enough to secure 3 gigs (with one more possibly coming)!  It all starts for me tomorrow, so I hope to see you out!

The shows are as follows:

Saturday June 11 
Harbour Parkland Ferry Dock 
1:00pm - 2:00pm 

This is a solo set, just me and the sunshine!

Sunday June 12 
3-4pm & 5-6pm 

That's right, I'll be playing at Pearson airport, terminal 3 arrivals on Sunday!  May end up being the oddest place I play a gig!  This will feature a partial band; Guitars, Clarinet, Accordion, vocals!

Thursday June 16
Free Times Cafe

This is the big one!  The showcase.  This will also include the full band, so expect guitars, clarinet, trumpet, accordion, bass, and loads of vocals!  Come see us squeeze 6 people on the Free Times Cafe's tiny stage!

I may also be playing another park gig next Saturday the 18th, but I'll get you the details as soon as I know.  If you end up at any of these places, please come say hello!

Here's a couple videos from our gig at Hugh's Room last week, incase you're wondering what we sound like these days.  Have a good NXNE!