EP Preview: Meet the Green Hearts

Hey there, we're getting closer and closer to the release of my new EP "Stray Birds".  This time,  you'll notice a change in the band name.  We're now called Shawn Clarke & the Green Hearts!  The reason for this is that on 2010's "Like Birds Too Tired to Fly", I didn't really have a band.  I just called in favours from some of my friends.  This time, I cut back on the guest appearances and tried to focus on working was a small group, and I'd like to introduce them to you.

Mark Hart
Mark and I go way back.  When I moved to Toronto and started at Humber College, we were roommates.  He's an extremely talented guitarist, who also contributes Octave Mandolin to the project.  You can also hear his work with the band "Carly and Mark"  Check out the video below.

Sara Ciantar
Sara, I met recently at a songwriting circle.  Her accordion playing and gorgeous vocals are an essential part of the new EP.  She also has a couple albums out, check out her song "Wreck Beach" from the album "Lines for Keeping"

Marty Smyth
Marty is why my albums sound so good.  He recorded the new EP as well as the last LP at his church studio in the northern part of Toronto.  He also plays a mean bass guitar (and even drops some piano on the new EP).  Marty plays with a bunch of acts, but this video is from one of my favorites, here he plays piano with Drag Queen Juanita Pancettas

Sean Lancaric
When we needed a drummer for this recording, there is only one man I wanted, and that was Sean Lancaric.  He graciously took time out of his busy touring schedule with Wilderness of Manitoba to record a couple songs on the EP.  Check him out here with his Wilderness crew.  Recorded for Southern Souls. 

Well that's the crew!  Keep checking in, I'll have new EP news coming up very soon!