Tour and free NEW music!

Hey there people, how are things? Just wanted to update you on some very cool new news in the Shawn Clarke universe.

First and most important, I'm going on Tour! This is my second solo tour, you'll remember my first one was... quaint.  This time I'm bringing some friends along.  I had the pleasure of meeting Aaron Mangoff a few years back when I played a show in my home town of Orillia.  We communicated through the interwebs over a few years, and finally played a show together.  H'e really great.  Voice of an angel, that man has.  Christopher Thompson, I only had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago, but I've been checking out his music for a few months.  He's young, but plays the guitar like a man twice his age. 

And so the three of us will sally forth, on a 12 date tour.  Where?  Well, maybe this poster will answer your question:

2nd thing, the free music part.  To commemorate this tour, the three of us put together a little sampler of our music.  For me that includes two brand new recordings!  "Zombies, Clash, Cars and Kinks" and "A Song of Peace" were recorded by my good friend Ryan Warner.  You can listen and download them at or click the widget to the left of your screen!

Hopefully we'll see you in one of these towns.  If you have questions, don't hesitate to email me at

See ya soon!