Canadian Music Week (and other things)

Hey!  It's been a fair bit of time since I last posted, I've been lazily making my way through the winter, and now it's time to start focusing.

First thing first, Canadian Music Week.  This is my first time at one of Canada's finest music festivals, and I'm pretty excited.  I'm planning on seeing lots of shows, talks, etc.  I'm also playing my own showcase, Wednesday March 20th at 10:00pm sharp, I'll be at the Cameron House, come on out if you can!

Next, my Ukulele project.  For Christmas I received a Ukulele, and took it upon myself to learn a song a week for the entire year.  I'm surprisingly up to week 9 and going strong!  So far I've covered Elvis, Hayden, The Cure, Irvin Berlin and others.  You can check out my project here at my Tumblr site.

Tune in Monday morning at 11am for a new song, in the mean time here's the last one I did, Bass Song by Hayden:

Hope all is well! Talk soon.