Top Ten Fan Favourites! (So Far)

Well, I'm just over half way through these Ukulele videos!  I honestly didn't think I'd get this far, in general, I'm a really lazy man.  But I'm really enjoying it, and apparently, so are you!  I asked around and compiled some of the fan favourites.  There were a lot of ties, so in those cases I just went ahead and put them in an arbitrary order (remember that laziness thing I mentioned earlier?).   Here we go!  Let me know if you agree with everyone else!

  1. "Fish And Bird"  by Tom Waits

    Featuring the wonderful Sara Ciantar on Accordion, this is a nice little Tom Waits tune we performed for week 6

  2. "If I Could Only Win Your Love" by the Louvin Brothers

    This one is a lot of fun, we really did this last minute out in the cold in front of Habits Bistro! the first of 3 appearances by Melissa Dalton! Week 13

  3. "Love Song" by The Cure

    A song for Valentines day!  Week 5 with the Cure!

  4. "Make You Feel My Love" by Bob Dylan

    Week 21 was the end of my Bob Dylan tribute month.  I decided to cover this beautiful little song from "Time Out of Mind".

  5. "Crying" by Roy Orbison

    For some reason I thought I'd start this whole project off with this Roy Orbison song.  A tough one on the pipes, hopefully my voice has improved a bit.

  6. "Happiness is a Warm Gun" by The Beatles

    I'd been hoping to get together with Olenka for a while, I finally cornered her in the back room of the Rivoli and recorded this for week 25!

  7. "Mushaboom" by Feist

    Inspired by the Arts and Crafts X show earlier this summer, I tackled this Feist tune! 

  8. "Everybody Wants to Rule The World" by Tears for Fears

    Week 15, this is one of my favorites to play, I was surprised how adaptable this was to the Ukulele! I also fell in love with Tears for Fears after this.

  9. "Teach Your Children" by Crosby Stills Nash and Young

    One of my favourites as well!  Getting together with Graydon and Laura was amazing.  We ran this a couple times, and we have a wonderful outtake from this session that I will have to put up soon! It's also the only hug recorded... so far.

  10.  "Mr. Tambourine Man" by Bob Dylan

    This was a really great session.  Mellisa made her second appearance, and this time we added Lara Martin to the mix!  Love these girls, their voices are perfect!!

Well, thanks for watching! And keep checking back for more at my blog: