The end of a ukulele project, a peak into the new year and a thank you!

Well it's finally been a year!  I've completed a challenge I gave myself, to cover a song a week for the span of 2013!  Here is the final week (week 52), I'll chat a bit more following...

That was fun.

I didn't know if I'd make it to the end or not, but it helped that you were all watching and commenting.  And these videos are still watchable at !  Please feel free to view and share them.  Later in the year, I'll put together some of my favorites, plus I may have some good outtakes to show you soon as well.

People keep asking me what I'll be doing for 2014.  Well I won't be doing this kind of thing again, but I'll be doing something much more important.  I'll be recording my follow up to 2010's LP "Like Birds Too Tired to Fly"!  I have a great producer and some great musicians lined up, and I'll hopefully have more information for you soon  Another thing you may have already noticed, there's some rebranding for 2014, my stage name will now be my full name Shawn William Clarke.  Fits the music a bit better, no? 

Thanks to everyone who came out to gigs this year, everyone who bought merch, watched the ukulele videos and those who gave me kind words in 2013.  Next year should be great, so keep checking in here, or elsewhere.  Tomorrow, you can expect my yearly top 10 albums list, so come on back for that!

Good luck to you in 2014!  Happy new year!