Tribute shows? Sure, why not!

Hey kids, how ya been?  Just thought I'd check in, and let you know about some upcoming shows, including a couple tribute nights!

Next up, you know who I love?  Tom Petty.  I really started rediscovering his work on my last tour with Sarah Beatty.  I picked up two of his albums for the road trip, 1995's Wildflowers, and the 96' soundtrack "She's the One".  Aaaaanyways, his music has become my new obsession, so on Friday October 23rd, I'll be performing a Tom Petty tribute at Burdock here in Toronto!  I'm lucky to have backing band The Bad Apples

(Graydon James, Myke Mazzie, Noel DiTesto, Jason Lapidus and special guest on the keys, Alli Sunshine!)  Come share some great music with us!

And finally, another tribute night, actually 2 nights!  It's going to be a joint Toronto/Barrie tribute to Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson!  It will feature performances by myself, Jerry Leger, Brett Caswell and the Marquee Rose, and Stonetrotter!  First night in Barrie, December 4th at the Fox.  Second night in Toronto, December 5th, again at Burdock!

In between, I'll be going to this year Folk Music Ontario conference, if you're attending, let me know!  It's a great time for anyone who wants to see what's up in Canadian folk music!

Hope you're all good.  Talk soon!