Young In Love (At The End Of The World)

Some songs feel like they’re already written, as if they’re just plucked out of thin air,
ripened and fully complete. “Young And In Love (At The End Of The World)”—The second
single from Shawn William Clarke’s upcoming album TOPAZ —is one of these songs.
“Young And In Love…” is an open letter about finding innocence amidst an ever-changing
world. While our daily existence might not always be what we want, there’s always room
for that feeling of falling in love, having a crush, and approaching something with naivete.
As Clarke states “It was the final song written for the album, and I wrote it quick.” When
he sent it to his producer James Bunton and it was an instant favourite.
The song features Abigail Lapell (Colleen Pederson Songwriter Award winner). In the
spirit of the composition, Shawn asked Abigail “to be herself.” And the more she used her
own voice, the more it took a form of its own. Much like we take time and fumble to settle
into our own form, songs can take the same path. “Young And In Love…” is a testament to
how we grow as people and what we carry. And sometimes it’s all about finding what’s in
front of us to gain that perspective. Listen, sit back and enjoy.

Autumn In New Brunswick

The beautiful first single from Shawn William Clarke’s upcoming album TOPAZ is a homage to finding windows of solace amidst the chaos of life.

Departing from the more acoustically-driven tendencies of his past release, William, the transition comes with ease. Shawn William Clarke has curated his textures to follow his lyrics. Effortlessly bringing on a more electric and 70’s AM Radio Gold feel to his newest single, “Autumn in New Brunswick”.

Shawn’s signature hypnotic and autobiographical lyrics present the resting and calming points of the hectic nature of touring. Feeling much like a road diary, “Autumn in New Brunswick” is an emotional postcard to a friend. The song is serene and pastoral, matching up as a perfect companion to the subject. Clarke shares a glimpse into his life on the road with Olenka and Autumn Lovers, and fittingly adding the vocal prowess of Olenka herself on harmonies. Sink into your seat, close your eyes and let the words paint the picture for you.