Podcast Appearances!

Hey friends, it's still snowy & cold, so I'm still in a hibernation mode.  I'll have some fun news for you soon re: touring, so all is not lost.  In the meantime, I've had the absolute pleasure to appear on two very different music podcasts, that you can listen to below.  If you have the time, check out some of the other episodes on each of these, they're both a blast.  (Click the titles to listen!)

No Sleep Til Sudbury

No Sleep Til Sudbury has a simple but fun concept.  Host Brent Jensen walks a different artist each week through a few songs of their choice that "makes their skin vibrate".  I go through a quick chronology of my influences, from Supertramp to Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, The Blue Nile and ending on Land of Talk.
Further Listening: check the episodes featuring Stephen Stanley & Dave Bidini

All About The Song

Michael McDonnell is a wonderful musician (has played bass with me over the last couple months), and a very thoughtful interviewer.  Like myself, he favours the long form interview, where you can really dig deep into a musicians background & feelings.  We cover A LOT of ground on this interview, from my early high school days up to today.  I play 3 songs on this podcast, including a new song that you can't hear anywhere else! 
Further Listening: Check out the episodes featuring Sean Mendes drummer Mike Sleath, and Parallel's songwriter Holly Dodson

Hope you're well!  Keep in touch.