Happy International Women's Day!

Hello friends!  I'd like to quickly thank a few of the collaborators who made "TOPAZ" with me. I can't tell you how much better this album is because of their contributions. (Please visit their websites, to check out all the amazing art they're creating!)

Thanks to our three guest vocalists Abigail Lapell, Olenka Krakus & Anna Horvath who were brilliant, each adding their own special voice to the songs.

Thanks to Alexis Marsh whose woodwind performances and arrangements were essential, and to Christine Bougie whose guitar solo in "You're Lonely, Too" was tasteful and perfect.

Thanks to the visual artists Laura Proctor who captured an appropriate moment of calmness for the album photo, and Jessica Rae Gordon (my longest running collaborator, working on all my albums since the very beginning), whose artwork perfectly captured the themes and ideas found in the music.

I tried my best to sustain a gender equality on the production of this album, and while I think it was successful, I know I can and will do better on making an inclusive team for future SWC projects.

Happy International Woman's Day! #IWD2018