Recordings! + 10 days left to pre-order/donate!

First thing first, my indiegogo fundraiser campaign is down to the last 10 days!  Please check it out, you can pre-order the album on CD, digital or glorious vinyl!  You can also buy yourself a beautiful print by Jessica Rae Gordon, get a solo or band show, hand written lyrics, etc!  It can all be found here:


In other news, we are in the thick of recording right now!  Last weekend, my producer/drummer James Bunton and I drove up to Gravenhurst.  We arrived late at Curries Music, and began our sessions!  First day was spent with acoustic guitars.  The shop had so many to choose from, I ended up using 6 of them(5 from the picture above)!  Including this great 1969 guild N20, once owned by Ontario blues legend Mendelson Joe!

On day 2, bass player David Gluck arrived.  He also found himself with a few instruments at his disposal.  In the end he used 3 electric basses and 1 upright.  Sounded great! 

On day 3, Sara Ciantar arrived.  We worked on a song as a trio, then focused on Sara's accordion and organ playing.  There were 2 Hammond Organs in the studio, so we tried our best to utilize them!

We had a great time in Gravenhurst, and now we've started the overdubs in Toronto.  Friday was spent on my vocals.  I've been taking a few lessons, so things were sounding pretty alright.  I also took the opportunity to put down a little more guitar, this time using a Kay parlour guitar from the mid 60's.  A really nice touch!

Today we have Stephen Dyte in to lay down some horns.  Followed by a guest on Pedal Steel and some vocalists! Keep checking in for updates.