5 Days left to help fund my new album!

Hey folks, here's just a quick reminder, there's 5 days left to help fund my new album!  As I've mentioned before, making an album right can cost a lot of money.  I plan on going all in on this one.  I have one of Toronto's finest indie producers, James Bunton on the job.  He's worked with countless great acts including Ohbijou, Evening Hymns, Diamond Rings, Forest City Lovers, The Wooden Sky, and many more. 

So far, I've recorded 10 songs, featuring guitar, accordion, horns, pedal steel, bass and drums.  Let me tell you, things sound wonderful.  We plan to have it mixed and mastered by the end of May, and hopefully, not long after that, I can give you a peak at what we've accomplished. 

Why not check out the site?  You can pre order this new album on CD, digital, or vinyl!  You can also look into other perks like a limited print of the album artwork signed by me and artist Jessica Rae Gordon!  Or book your very own house show, either a solo show or with a band!  Hand written lyrics! and others.

That's it for today.  Here's the link http://igg.me/at/ShawnWilliamClarke/x/6645964

Talk soon!